désinfectant pour les mains two's company

Information Update - Certain hand sanitizers containing ...- désinfectant pour les mains two's company ,Jul 06, 2020·Company. NPN or DIN. Lot Number(s) Expiry Date. Date Added. Ascencia Désinfectant pour les mains. Arclay Natural Technologies. 80098625 appears on the label, which is the wrong NPN. 80100505 isLimited edition hand sanitizer | Bleu Lavande | Natural ...For every Limited edition hand sanitizer purchases, $1 will be donated to Food Banks Canada. Hand sanitizer made in Canada. Approved and certified NPN* 80083179 by Health Canada. Enriched with true lavender essential oil, certified ISO 3515. Contains aloes extracts and vitamin E for a hydrated skin. Vegan and gluten free. 99.99% natural: a safe and effective product.

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